Can you believe it????  what, i bet your wondering…well we have gotten 6 inches of Snow in the past few days, and by this next Tuesday, it will be 71 dgrees outside here in Amarillo, Tx.  I am so ready to get my hands dirty——-gardening, that is!! haha!    and, I also want to build my own fire-pit out of the bricks I have in the back yard, does anyone have any suggestions on what to use to connect the bricks, and will it stand the heat?  My husband, Gary builds tables, picnic tables, beds, dressers…well just about anything you want him to build.  he is so talented in that area, well he also puts windows and siding on houses….he has for 25 years, and has a great reputation here in Amarillo, TX! 

Anyway, about gardening….I usually just get the beef steak tomato plants, but I’m thinking this year, i will get some Roma plants…since that is my fav!  But if anyone has planted those heirloom tomatoes, please do tell!  I would be very interested in seeing pics and conversing with you!

Well, I wish everyone a happy Thursday…I’m off to design my garden on paper, then wait til next week to begin the process of getting the soil ready in all my beds!!!