meatloaf with stir-fried green beans

Good Wednesday morning to all.  I made this meatloaf yesterday!  When I make it, it reminds me of my mother(God rest her Soul)!  But, being the cook I am, I am always trying different ingredients in my meatloaf!  So, here is the ingredients for this one.


1 pound ground beef

 1/2 sleeve of wheat crackers

1 egg

palmful of montreal spicy steak seasoning

1tbs. garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste

2 tbs. red creek marinade( this is a smokey tasting, great for the palate kinda sauce)

1 small can of diced tomatoes


In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients except the diced tomatoes, and form into a loaf and put into a casserole dish.  Top with the Tomatoes,

going into the oven

Bake at 350 degrees.  Bake for an hour or longer depending on how thick your loaf is!

Hope you enjoy this one, there will more to come, cuz this crazy red-head has all kinds of recipes floating between my two ears……hahahaha!