Well, it has been an eventful week here at my place….my son came home and was able to see his baby for the first time…we celebrated with a great BBQ with friends. I have been busy as a bee, so maybe after today I can start posting some more of my fav…..recipes. I think the next one will be AVOCADO FRIES! I was browsing last year and happen to find this crazy recipe-well I thought it was-and thought I have to try it…so I will share with yall soon. Other than that, my daughter-in-law is gonna cook up some pork chops and mac-n-cheese with bacon, and I’m gonna saute’ some asparagus for me and Gary! Yes, we do have picky eaters in this household…..hahaha! Well, I want say a little prayer for all the people who have lost their house in the raging fires around Amarillo and surrounding towns! Hope everyone has a great evening!

hotdog grillin!