Good morning everyone……well, i started watching my grand daughter during the week…and it is something I haven’t done in years..hahahaha, but it is nice to have her around, she is so…sweet! I wake up at 5 every morning, and try to get all my garden work done and watering, so by 8, I will be ready for the day with her…..

I was getting hungry so…I fixed these nachos for me:

ground (hot) sausage resting on a bed of chips covered with lettuce and cilantro, topped with cheese and of course a fried egg….it was yummy, especially with some hot rotel …..
I also wanted to tell yall that my garden is growing and I’ll post some new pics soon. I love the snap peas, I walk by them and can’t help but pick one and eat it, they are so…SWEET! Doesn’t everything taste good right out of the garden????
So, hope everyone has a great Tuesday, it is gonna be 101 degrees here today…..Whoa! Until we meet again…Peace out!