Growing up on a farm, we had alot of gravy and bisquits…..I remeber the best time for breakfast was on Sunday’s for supper. It was kind of a special treat for us. Because with all the cereal and toast before school on the week-days, it was nice to sit down with the whole family for a great meal.

so, I wanted to share one of my favs…..the kind that sticks to your bones bowls…hahaha! come on…as long as you don’t eat the whole pan of gravy, you’ll be fine…and what a treat it will be..especially for all my Dalhart friends who grew up on foods like this…right?????

onions(sliced thinly and sauted)
s/p to taste


In a skillet, cook the sausage–I made two patties and fried. But, you could crumble it….it is your choice!! After the sausage is cooked, transfer to paper towel, then add the flour to the sausage grease…enough to create a roux, then add milk and stir…let cook til thickened. In a bowl, place a piece of toast( I tear mine in bite size pieces), then take the pattie and tear in pieces and throw it in the bowl. Take the gravy and pour over the toast and sausage, then top it with the saute’d onions.

Grab a fork or spoon…heehee…and enjoy some comfort food.

O.k., i know I’m a cowgirl by heart, but I turned rock-n-roll later in life, but that does’nt stop me from enjoying some real trail-riding food….right????

Hope you will enjoy this one morning while gazing into the sunset on a groovy kind of morning…Until then…Peace out, my friends!!