Good Friday to all! Well, the last few days have been in the 50’s and rain….something we haven’t seen around these parts in a while!! It was quite nice for a change….So I said on my last post, I was waiting for a time to make some soup, well I did it yesterday!! My son stopped by to do his laundry and could not leave the stove..hahaha!
Even if he is 29, he is still that little boy with the sack of crackers in one hand and a bowl of soup in the other!!! My ole man loved it as well, so here it is my version of chicken noodle soup!!

2 large chicken breast
5 cups of water(give or take a few)
1 cup of chopped onion
1 cup of chopped carrots
1 can cream of celery soup
garlic powder
1 to 2 tablespoons chicken boullion
1 bag of frozen mixed vegetables or fresh vegies from you garden!
1 bag of egg noodles

Place the chicken breast in a pan with 5 cups of water, add chopped carrots and onions! Add chicken boullion and garlic powder and salt and pepper!! Let boil and then simmer on medium until the chicken is done! Remove the chicken and shredd or cut into small pieces, then add back to the pot! At this time I add the mixed vegies, and let everything simmer for a good hour, so that the smell permiates throughout the house…leaving everyone to dream of that first spoonful of goodness!! Then I add 1/2 bag of wide egg noodles…because I had a huge bag at the time, but just eye it…you’ll know how much noodles you want……

I hope you enjoyed reading this recipe and making your mind go hmmmm, what soup will I be making soon!!!!! Until we meet again…Peace out my friends!!