Love me some flowers




Sorry I have’nt been on here, it is just that I have been watching my grand baby and gardening!!  With a one year old, you know how they keep you on your toes……..And I love having her…..Serenity Cyan!Well, we have been riding the harley and the susuki!  Also having many parties in my backyard!  Last Saturday, my friend Mo grilled for us….her fresh herbed chicken which was delish, and also she made stuffed mushrooms which she made two different kinds—one with pesto and the other with a stuffing mixture!!  They were so good….melt in my mouth….good!  We all made sides in which i made a pasta salad and twice baked potato casserole, and others brought salads and dips and chips,,,,,,,,,,,,a gathering to remember!

I will get busy and post some of my recipes that I have been trying lately…until then have a lovely day…..Peace out!