While on facebook, I have posted a lot of recipes, and all my friends have encouraged me to start a blog, well, here I am……I look forward to posting them and sharing!  i am a free-spirited girl who loves my family and friends(which I consider my family)!  I love to go for harley rides with my old man, and visit our local hang-out which is called RUNAWAY HOG!  It is a nice place to hang out with a fire blazing in the pit, and great conversation!


My grandbaby girl–Serenity Cyan!

Serenity - just born!

My better half..hahaha!  Gary Burns!

I’m just a groovy kind of girl…….I am all about peace and love!


My beautiful grandchildren-Zed and Natalye


My oldest son-Ryan


This me and my brother-Steve


Sherrye and I out at Commander Cody's


My bestest bud-Pollyanna


My how she has grown~~Serenity


Steph, Zed and Natalye


One who watches over backyard!