I have been so busy the last few weeks, I have not shared lately, but this week-end, we had a BBQ for my Sweet Man-Gary!!

This is Joeseph grillin for the party…we had pork-chops, chicken, hamburgers, dove breasts…

Since it was the wild feast game party this week-end, not only did we have dove breast, but my friend Sherrye brought her famous enchiladas made with deer meat and roasted green chiles on top…..And inside, I had made some brisket chile for tostados, along with a rotel cheese dip….my friend Pollyanna brought her famous beans and rice…and needless to say, we had so much food that out of 25 people, everyone was able to take home a plate or two…you gotta love a backyard party…cuz..when there is food..there is lots of love and conversation!!!!

And not to mention the bikes parked in my front yard….this is Tim’s bike…wow, isn’t it a hottie!!!!

I hope everyone is having a nice day….it is suppose to be 80 degrees here in Amarillo,TX…..love me some spring days! I’ve planted my lettuce and radishes, and they are beginning to peek up through the dirt….hello..Lettuce!!! hahaha…just a crazy kinds redhead that talks to her plants….Good Day!