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Nothing better than a quesadilla for brunch while gazing at my garden and the first sunflower to bloom…….Peaceful feeling!

For the quesadilla….I took some pinto beans(that a friend brought over last night) and some lettuce and grape tomatoes, and pepperjack cheese…….2 tortillas. Fired up the ole skillet on medium, and then I fried 1 tortilla on both sides and removed it, then put the other tortilla in pan and browned it on one side and flipped it, then I added the beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese…..topped it all with the other tortilla, and then let it cook until cheese melted….You will need to flip the quesadilla so it doesn’t burn…transfer to cutting board and let set for 5 minutes.

Then grab some tapatio hot sauce (my fav), a few pieces of the quesadilla and head outside to your groovy picnic table that your old man made you, and enjoy the nature that surrounds you while enjoying the burst of tex-mex flavor on your tastebuds………

To all my readers, may you have a nice week-end….and get out and enjoy what God has made……Peace out!!!!!!


Well, hope you had a great cyber walk thru my yard…..from vincas to my herb bucket to lettuce….one thing is for certain, and that is I’ve got a variety of plants….hahahah kinda like my personality….LOL!
It is gonna be another hot day, so I guess I’ll get the sun tea jar out and make me some ice tea with lime….how refreshing does that sound? Until we meet again….Peace out!!!