Happy November, It has been awhile. Well the cold has hit here in Amarillo, and I made a chicken tortilla soup to get us through this cold day,and I will post that recipe in the future.

But, I did make this chicken roll up the other night with roasted green chlie gravy to dip it in…

I was just experimenting with the gravy and came up with this, and it actually is my favorite dipping gravy now.

I pounded the chicken to 1/4 inch thick and on top of that I put a whole pablano pepper (roasted) ! Then I added provolone-mozerella cheese on top of that and rolled them up and baked them in an oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or until done.

In a skillet, I made the usual gravy with butter and added flour and then milk to thicken it! I had some roasted green chiles and chopped them up and added them to the gravy. I also added some sauted onions that I had sweated down to sweetness(YUM)! Let simmer for 10 minutes! Serven the chicken sliced with a bowl of gravy on the side and vegetable. Really turned out great!

Hope you will try this, it is so delish with the gravy!!

Well til the next time, Peace out my friends and stay warm this winter!