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Oh My~~~How my Garden Grows~~~

bush beans

climbing green beans

Well, it is the beginning of a new week, and what a Monday it is…..I thought I would share a few pics of my garden…it has come a long way since the last posted pics…..

I just wish we could get some rain here in Amarillo…well hell, in the Texas panhandle for sure. I feel so…bad for all the farmers in this area.

Well, for this Monday, I will have a little help from Shake-n-Bake for supper..hahahaha! Pork-chops and roasted red potatoes with onion, with a side of sliced tomatoes from my garden…Oh there is nothing like the taste of a garden grown tomatoe~~~actually it’s close to heaven, in my opinion.

I have also gotten some zuchinni and yellow squash….I found a recipe called Zuchinni Al Forno, and after making it, I will post the recipe for all of you people that are over-run with zuchinni…..

Until then, I say…Peace out….and have a great day!!!!


Well, hope you had a great cyber walk thru my yard…..from vincas to my herb bucket to lettuce….one thing is for certain, and that is I’ve got a variety of plants….hahahah kinda like my personality….LOL!
It is gonna be another hot day, so I guess I’ll get the sun tea jar out and make me some ice tea with lime….how refreshing does that sound? Until we meet again….Peace out!!!